Skincare routine & products for the winter season
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skincare routine and products

As the season changes, we need to change our skincare products too. The winter season is approaching; we need to shift from a summer skincare routine to a winter skincare routine. Winter season is when skin tends to be more dry and dehydrated and we need to pay extra attention and care to our skin to protect our skin from getting damaged. Using the right moisturizer for your dry skin can help you to get rid of this problem.

Cold air harms your skin more than you can ever imagine. From moisturizer to shower gel, you need to keep everything ready to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Give yourself a special treat with the best skincare products this winter season.

Read the blog till the end to know why your skincare routine is more important in the winter season, this will help you to choose the best skincare products for your skin.

Why a skincare routine and products are important in the winter season?

skincare products for winter

In winter, our skin tends to become dry and dull. The cold breezy winds themselves attack the skin’s moisture levels and thus affect the smoothness and overall health of the skin. As you go out in the breezy climate your skin will start to become dry, flaky, and patchy. To avoid this problem you need to have the right skincare products in your bag.

According to Dr. Sushruta C K, an Ayurveda Expert in Research and Development, “With a drop in the humidity and temperature, our skin tends to get dry, and if it is not moisturized, then it can lead to flaky skin.” So to keep your skin glowing and healthy you need to moisturize your skin regularly.

Skincare routine for winter

Following a good skincare routine and using the right organic product is very important in achieving nourished and hydrated skin during winter. Follow a daily skincare routine for winter with cleaning, moisturizing, hydrating, and much more.

If you are searching for a winter skincare routine then you’re at the right place. We have curated the best daily skincare routines to cater to your skin needs.

1. Clean your face with Face Oil

Face oil is rich in antioxidants which help to remove unwanted particles from the skin that are caused by pollution, chemicals applied to the skin, and UV radiation which leads to signs of aging. Applying face oil regularly before going to sleep or early in the morning, and before applying makeup can slow down and prevent your skin from getting harmed by unwanted particles. Know the right skincare product to use for your daily routine in this blog below.

How to use face oil – step by step?

  1. Take 3-4 drops of Face Oil
  2. Gently massage face oil on your skin in an upward motion.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds to allow the face oil to fully absorb before applying moisturizer or makeup.
  4. Apply your face oil either in the morning or night

2. Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliation is the most important part of the winter skincare routine to remove dead, dry, and flaky skin. It also helps to increase blood circulation and improve your skin’s appearance. Using the right skincare product can be more beneficial for your skin health.

For exfoliating your skin you need to follow this simple step.

  1. Take 1 spoonful of coffee and add coconut oil.
  2. Gently scrub your body

3. Massage your skin every day

The word massage itself feels soothing and relaxing. After exfoliating the skin, you need to also massage your skin for some time. This will help you to deeply condition your skin. For this step, you need to use virgin coconut body oil as a daily massager for your skin.

Coconut oil serves many health benefits to your body. Coconut oil contains Vitamin E which is known as the skin’s best friend. It helps to keep skin nourished, smooth, soft, and healthy. Coconut oil also contains Lauric acid which acts as an anti-microbial agent and can treat bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

So make sure to massage your body with the right skincare product like virgin coconut body oil to keep your skin healthy and get rid of harmful bacteria.

Steps you need to follow

  1. Take virgin coconut body oil and massage your body
  2. Massage it for 5-10 mins
  3. Take a shower with lukewarm water after 5 minutes of massage

4. Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing your skin in winter is also very important to keep the skin moist, soft, and healthy. You can use either a good moisturizing cream or virgin coconut body oil as your body moisturizer. You just need to take 2-3 drops of oil on your hand and rub it on your body.

Before going out in breezy weather don’t forget to apply this oil, it will keep your skin glowing and healthy for an entire day.

Skincare product for winter

Skincare product for winter OldGoa Virgin Coconut body oil

OldGoa offers you a great collection of body oils, all of which are beneficial to your skin. You can buy OldGoa products with confidence as all products are clinically tested, FDA India-approved, and USDA-certified. This product can be used as a moisturizer for dry skin. Let’s help you get that beautiful glow on your face. Know the best OldGoa body oil products and their benefits in the list below.

The products are available in all superstores across Goa and are also available on the following shopping websites: AmazonFlipkartMeesho, and TATA 1MG.

You can also shop on the OldGoa website for the best offers and discounts

1. OldGoa body oil Indian Basil

body oil

For you this winter skincare routine, try OldGoa body oil as your skincare product as it is Infused with refreshing and stimulating pure Indian basil which helps to boost skin cell metabolism and elasticity. The natural components present in basil are beneficial to our body and it helps eliminate the dead cells, dirt, and other impurities of the skin. It can act as your daily moisturizer for your winter skincare routine.

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2. OldGoa body oil English rose

moisturizer for dry skin

OldGoa English Rose oil can also be the best option for this winter skincare product. It is Infused with pure English rose which helps to stimulate collagen, reduce the appearance of pores, and combat skin issues. The oil is ideal to use as a daily moisturizer to enjoy an unmatched and highly sensorial experience of an intensely revitalizing body oil that melts effortlessly into the skin and leaves the skin soft, smooth, and young.

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3. OldGoa Body Oil French lavender

moisturizer for dry skin

You can also try OldGoa French Lavender body oil as your moisturizer for dry skin, a winter skincare routine product. It is Infused with calming and soothing pure French lavender which naturally prevents and heals acne. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, and fine lines. The vitamins present in the oil deeply hydrate, moisturize, nourish, and soften the skin. Do try this product for your winter skincare routine.

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4. MOGO Face Oil

face products

This face oil is perfect for radiating and glowing skin. Collagen oil extracted from extra virgin coconut oil infused with Spanish Orange oil and 24-carat Gold. 24-carat Gold is used in beauty rituals in Ayurvedic texts dating 5000 BC for Cell rejuvenation and ageless skin. Being one of the softest metals Gold is easily absorbed by the skin, keeping it eternally young.

It also prevents premature skin aging, by enhancing epidermal circulation. It reduces fine lines, and dark circles, and brightens the dull complex appearance. MOGO face oil is a lightweight and quick-absorbing formula that can be used as a moisturizer or makeup base. It is one of the best skincare products you can try for your winter skincare routine.

Link for the product to shop online OldGoa oils websiteGold Face Oil

Follow this skincare routine and product to keep your skin glowing, radiant, smooth, and healthy this winter season. Start today and follow throughout the winter season to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Also, this skincare routine can help you to keep your skin away from bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.