Body & Hair


Portuguese and French scholars travelled to Goa for research during Portuguese era. They have developed secret formulation for skin, body and a health care. The same has references in old French and Portuguese texts. These products, formulations and therapies were not used on large scale that time.

The benefits of Coconuts have been mentioned in Indian texts dating back 5000 years.  The Western world  has recently discovered the benefits of Coconut oil for body and hair care. In Goa, it is not uncommon to see the hair of girls, boys, women and men well-coated with coconut oil, which acts as a natural conditioner. Women from the south are renowned for their thick, dark and luscious locks attributed in some part to genetics, but also to the frequent application of coconut oil from birth.

OLDGOA has developed a range of premium face care, body care and hair care products.

Skin Care
The MCT in Coconut oil act as a natural skin conditioner. Deeply penetrating & moisturizing, they protect against environmental & free radical damage. It also helps with anti-ageing, eczema & even provides some sun protection.

OLDGOA Body Oil revitalises skin. It works as a sunscreen and visibly reduces sign of ageing and stretch marks. Enjoy, a highly sensorial experience of light weight intensely revitalising body oil. It melts effortlessly on to skin and leaves skin silky soft, young & non sticky.

Hair Care
Coconut oil is one of the best ways to provide nutrients to your hair. The fatty acids condition deeply from the insides of the strands out. Providing protein, eliminating dandruff & aiding in re-growth. Many people use it as conditioner.

With Activated Charcoal For Regrowth
OLDGOA Hair Oil helps detoxify and deep cleanse your scalp. It provides protein to your scalp, helping in re-growth, eliminates dandruff and deeply conditions from inside. Enjoy the experience of a light weight hair oil, leaving you with silky soft and non-sticky hair

With Lemon Extract and Active Sea Salt For Anti Hair Fall & Antidandruff
OLDGOA Hair Oil provides protein to your scalp, helps to reduce Hair fall, eliminates dandruff and deeply conditions from inside. Enjoy the experience of a light weight hair oil, leaving you with silky soft and non-sticky hair.

Face Care
Glow & Youthful Skin With Tea Tree Oil, Turmeric & Vitamin E
OLDGOA Face Oil intensely revitalize, soothes, nourishes & moisturizes the face. Collagen Oil extracted from extra virgin coconut oil infused with Turmeric, Tea Tree & Geranium stimulates collagen synthesis for skin lustre. It is natural sunscreen with healing properties against Acne, Blemishes & Breakdown.

Cell Renewal & Anti-Aging With Collagen, Orange & Geranium Essential oils & 24 carat Gold
OLDGOA Gold Face Oil gives immediate radiance and reduce visible sign of aging . Collagen oil extracted from extra virgin coconut oil infused with Spanish Orange oil and 24 carat Gold.
24 carat Gold is used in beauty rituals in Ayurvedic texts dating 5000 BC for Cell rejuvenation and ageless skin. Being one of the softest metal Gold is easily absorbed by the skin keeping it eternally young. It prevents premature skin aging. By enhancing epidermal circulation. It reduces Fine Lines, Dark Circles, Increase Elasticity and brighten and reduce pale & dull complex appearance.

Baby Care
OLDGOA Baby Oil has Certified Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. A light indulgent oil that is quickly absorbed and moisturizes and soothes new born skin. It helps fight infections and prevents rashes and scarring. It leaves skin silky soft and non sticky.