Process for extraction of VCO

Oldgoa produces 100% Organic, raw, vegan, cold processed, centrifuge extracted, non-RBD, naturally pure and aromatic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. (VCO) at our factory in Verna India. Process is USDA approved and confirming to international standards of hygiene.  The entire process does not use any chemical or bleaching treatment. Instead, this innovative method retains the nutritional value of coconuts while also producing an oil of better clarity & aroma. Our VCO extraction follows the manufacturing standards of Europe and USA and we have 3 stages of quality control before final processing. Each batch is tested and recorded before packaging.

For our other products we source out locally available ingredients and blend and infuse to create our amazing range of products. We follow traditional recipes and formulations and use only natural products. The charcoal we use is coconut charcoal, the 24 carat Gold in our face oil is imported from Dubai and infused for 6 months before packaging. All the other ingredients are of the highest quality and have been tested to cater to international markets. The diagram below will show you the steps we follow to get our base product VCO.

The Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh pulp from the Coconut Palm (Cocos Nucifera). The production embraces the removal of the husk and the elimination of the brown shell and washing. Then the pulp gets shredded for extraction of milk. After extraction of milk, it goes through a multiple centrifugal process to extract the cold pressed oil. Afterwards the oil gets filtered by a natural micro Filter to result in a transparent oil.