Coconut Species

Goa is blessed with aboriginal breeds of coconuts as mentioned in old Indian texts. Aboriginal species of coconuts found in Goa are “Benaulim, “Calangute” and “Nadora” or “Nanora” which are one of the sweetest coconuts in the world. These coconuts are from serene, non-polluted rural coastal farms of Goa and conform to the standards of the EU and USA.

The local species of Coconuts in Goa are more nutritious as the tree only starts to give fruit after 15 years which gives coconuts a high level of minerals and nutrients. In other states, the coconut is of hybrid quality and gives fruits within 3 years. Being hybrid coconuts, these do not match with the nutrient content and properties of the coconut as per Ayurvedic and old Indian texts.

Goan coconut plantations need a boost because it is wholly organic and natural. We need to work to save these aboriginal breeds of Coconut.