Include some VCO in your diet.


MOGO COOKING OIL-For a Healthy Lifestyle

A “Super food”, 100% organic, raw, cold-pressed, centrifuge extracted, non-RBD (refined, bleached or deodorized) , naturally pure and aromatic extra virgin coconut oil. • Helps in combating neurological disorders, brain aging & cognitive decline • Easy to digest and aids in the healthy functioning of the thyroid and endocrine system • Boosts energy, strengthens the immune system and increase metabolism that helps in weight loss • Is an essential ingredient & taste enhancer in food & beverage industry products e.g.: production of margarine, chocolate, glazed waffle filling, ice cream, smoothies & shakes • To derive coco butter, freeze at 10 c and sprinkle salt while serving Cooking, frying, marinating, baking, salad dressing & sauces.


Health and Immunity Booster MOGO ‘DRINK OIL’ is MCT OIL of extra virgin coconut oil. It is a health and immunity booster. It aids in healthy functioning of thyroid and endocrine system. Helps in weight loss and the antioxidant properties improves brain function and helps in cancer treatment. It improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, regulate blood sugar level and helps in controlling Diabetes. Mix 10 ml in the cocktail of your choice to coat your liver and protect it from the harshness of alcohol