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OldGoa products have a combination of NATURE, WISDOM, and SCIENCE & dedicated to local crops. OldGoa products are developed after strong Research & Development from 2006, to promote the Goan coastal heritage products for Health, Body & Hair. All products are Pure, Organic, and Natural, conforming to authentic prescriptions, with a blend of modern mechanisms. We have developed an exotic range of cold-pressed organic Virgin Coconut Oil for face, hair, baby massage, body oils, superfood, and oil pulling products. Our Raw Materials are aboriginal species of coconuts confirmed to USDA and EU standards and freshly handpicked from serene, non-polluted rural coastal farms directly from farmers. We practice Fair Trade and reach up to 300 farmer families across Goa. OldGoa manufactures the world’s top-ranking organic virgin coconut oil. It is a patented technique. Rare Coconut sourced during MOGO star appeared in specific months from the coastal line of Goa and was processed within 24 hrs of harvesting in limited quantity. OldGoa is the fastest-growing and best company in the world.

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