Best Brand in Goa

OLDGOA is a D2C brand. OLDGOA Oils is a manufacturer of natural, organic products catering to health, body, hair, and face care. These pure, organic, and natural coconut products are specially created using a blend of traditional formulations, local ingredients, and modern technology. These are promoted as the coastal heritage products of Goa which are excellent for personal use for better health and beauty and they also make excellent gift items. All products are based on 450-year-old recipes invented during the Indo-Portuguese era. All our products of Old Goa oils are 100% natural and Certified Organic. It is one of the best organic coconut products and is used by many people across the globe.

OLDGOA started its R&D journey in 2006. We have a well-equipped 15000 sq. ft. modern pharma-grade hygiene state of the art facility with SS316L made automated imported machinery. Our plant and machinery confirm the manufacturing standards of Europe and the USA and we are located at the pharma hub of Goa – Verna Industrial Development Corporation.

Old Goa oils source out most of our raw materials from the virgin island of Goa, India. Few select ingredients are imported from Spain, Dubai, and other places around India and the world. We ensure that we buy from certified organic suppliers and that all our products are lab tested before marketing.

Our Raw Materials are aboriginal species of coconuts confirmed to USDA and EU standards and freshly handpicked from serene, non-polluted rural coastal farms directly from farmers. We practice Fair Trade and reach up to 300 farmer families across Goa.

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