Virgin Coconut Hair Oil with Activated Charcoal

Virgin Coconut Hair Oil with Activated Charcoal



SOFT, THICK & SILKY HAIR, NATURALLY. Infused with pure Activated Charcoal, the oil heals & nourishes damaged hair, strengthens the hair follicles, and helps prevent dandruff, breakage & hair fall. It will leave your hair feeling, moisturized, glowing, and healthy.

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Hair Oil | Pre Shampoo | Cold Pressed | Coconut Oil infused with Pure Activated Charcoal | 200 Ml

1) Perfect blend for Indian Hair. Clinically tested & FDA certified.
2) Coconut Oil Strengthens & nourishes hair from the core.
3) Activated charcoal Eliminates dandruff & supports hair growth.
4) Virgin Coconut Oil Promotes faster hair growth and softness.
6) Activated Charcoal Adds significant color & shine to the hair naturally.


Hair dying oil

100% safe and natural

Apply daily for 1 hour and wash your hair

Maximum grey coverage

Soft and shiny hair

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil with Pure Activated Charcoal

HOW TO USE:  Gently massage a small quantity into your scalp and hair daily. Ideally, wash after 1-2 hours. For external use only.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight with the lid tightly sealed. Solidification may occur below 24°C. To liquefy, immerse in warm water.