Best oil for Navratri, Durga, and Diwali pooja
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best oil for diwali

India indulges in many festivals from every nook and corner. All the festivals are celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and joy. Now we are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Hindu festival of Navratri/Durga and Diwali Pooja. Now people will be looking for the best oil for Diwali food and Diyas. Majorly all Indians are fond of food on festival days. Food is prepared with perfect ingredients, aromatic spices, and pure and best oil (prefer coconut oil) which gives the perfect taste.

From lighting Diyas to preparing food, oil is an essential part of any festival in India. It is always believed that offering pure and natural coconut oil to God gives peace and prosperity to the home. One should always try to offer the purest offering to God to get the best in return.

Coconut oil for Diwali diyas

Coconut oil for Diwali diyas

The light symbolizes the absence of negative energy and the presence of positive energy. Coconut oil is marked as the purest form of oil to light the Diyas to get positive energy and peace. Coconut oil helps to eliminate long-term problems and remove obstacles from one’s life. It also brings happiness, wealth, good health, and prosperity to the home. The lighting Diya has 3 significant roles, firstly it is a Vastu protector, secondly, it enhances positive energy and third it bestows peace and prosperity. Groundnut oil, palm oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, etc. should be avoided while lighting Diya.

Coconut oil for Diwali food

Food prepared using natural and organic coconut oil tastes way better than food cooked with regular oil. Also, the prasadam which is offered to God if made with natural coconut oil is observed as a very auspicious offering to God. Cooking food in coconut oil can positively impact your health and body as it is rich in Vitamin E and saturated fats. Most of us ignore our diet routine during festival time and keep on eating unhealthy and oily food which impacts our health badly. So to be on the safer side, try preparing all your Navratri/Durga and Diwali pooja food in organic and natural coconut oil from OldGoa oils. Keep reading this blog to know why OldGoa oil is the best oil to be used in your festival food.

Why OldGoa Virgin Coconut Oil is the best?

Coconut oil for Diwali food
OldGoa Virgin Coconut Oil

Your Diwali craving is sorted here with OldGoa oils. If you’re on a diet or want to take a break from your diet routine, your problem is solved with one and only OldGoa virgin coconut oil. OldGoa Virgin coconut oil is one of the best organic oils to use for your Navratri/Durga and Diwali food to keep your life healthy and fit.

OldGoa oils manufacture 100% organic, raw, vegan, cold processed, centrifuge extracted, non-RBD, naturally pure, and aromatic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. (VCO) by following the process that is approved by USDA and confirming international standards of hygiene.  The entire process does not use any chemical or bleaching treatment. Instead, this innovative method retains the nutritional value of coconuts while also producing oil of better clarity & aroma. The VCO extraction follows the manufacturing standards of Europe and the USA and has 3 stages of quality control before final processing. Each batch is tested and recorded before packaging.

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