Virgin Coconut Body oil – The benefits, how to use it & best body care product for dry and glowing skin
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Glowing, soft, and healthy skin is what every person cherishes. But due to busy schedules, we tend to ignore our skin health as a result the skin becomes dry and dull.  Like your inner health, your outer skin, too, needs good care to stay healthy, soft, and glowing. There are many body care products available in the market to help you nourish your skin. One of the best body care products for your glowing and dry skin is Virgin Coconut Body Oil, The benefits of using body oil, it helps to boost collagen levels, restore skin elasticity, and reduce premature skin aging and marks, and also acts as a moisturizer and lotion.

You can learn more benefits and how to correctly use it in this blog below. These days many people prefer to use body oil for skin to get healthy and glowing skin. Be on this blog till the end to get more information on body oil and body care products.

About Virgin Coconut Body Oil

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When people think of oil, they always think of an oily substance that will make their skin oilier as a result most people avoid putting oil on their skin. But that’s just a myth, the fact is that the ingredient present in the oil makes it non-sticky and non-greasy. The Virgin coconut body oil can be a great choice for treating or dealing with dry skin.

It acts as a moisturizer or lotion which can help to hydrate your skin. It can enhance the quality of your skin by helping to moisturize your skin and make it soft and glowing.

The benefits of Virgin Coconut Body Oil

Virgin Coconut Body oil can give you lots of health benefits for your glowing and beautiful skin. It is one of the best body care products for your body. Here we have listed a few yet the most useful and important benefits of it. Check the list below.

It can help to tackle dry skin

Due to changing weather, the skin becomes dry and it becomes very difficult to treat dry skin naturally. Using Virgin Coconut Body oil regularly can help you get rid of dry skin as it contains fatty acid which helps the skin to keep moisturized all day.

Maintain skin health

As the oil is made with all-natural ingredients, it can be helpful to maintain your skin health. To get free from dry skin and to get glowing skin this oil can be used as it is chemical free and also free from artificial fragrance.

Non-greasy and Non-sticky oil

Most of the oil keeps your skin oily as a result most people try to avoid applying oil on their skin but this Organic virgin coconut body oil is non-greasy and non-sticky. As far as it works, this oil leaves your skin nourished and shiny for the long term without giving it an oily look.

Glow your skin

Virgin coconut oil is prepared using all organic, chemical-free, and natural substances. This makes the body smooth, soft, and glowing. The oil can be used after and before a bath as a massage oil. Use virgin coconut body oil to glow your skin for your upcoming party or any event.

Where you can use rightly use Virgin coconut body oil


Shaving your body and facial hair with body oil can protect the layer between your skin and the razor reducing the number of razor bumps. You can now shave without any irritation with Virgin coconut body oil.

Cracked heels

Virgin coconut oil is a great choice for cracked heels as it keeps them hydrated and moisturized. Include this oil in your nighttime routine to keep you away from cracked heels.

Before or after a bath

Our body too needs pampering from the outside as we take care of our inner health. You can massage your body with virgin coconut oil before or after a bath. This can help your muscles relax and increase blood circulation.

Use as a moisturizer

You can now leave your lotion behind and switch to a body oil for soft, smooth, and glowing skin. The vitamins and nutrients present in it can help the skin to absorb the oil into the skin easily, on the other hand, the lotion which is full of chemicals doesn’t get absorbed into the skin and the skin looks oily and it will sit on the skin until it is washed off.

OldGoa Virgin coconut body oil products

OldGoa is here to give you great collections of body oil, all of which are beneficial for your skin. You can buy OldGoa products with confidence as all products are clinically tested, FDA India-approved, and USDA-certified. Let’s help you get that beautiful glow on your face. Know the best OldGoa body oil products and their benefits in the list below.

The products are available in superstores across Goa and also available on a shopping website, Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, and TATA 1MG.

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OldGoa body oil Indian basil

OldGoa body oil Indian basil
Indian basil

Infused with refreshing and stimulating pure Indian basil which helps to boost skin cell metabolism and elasticity. The natural components present in basil are beneficial for our body and they help to eliminate the dead cells, dirt, and other impurities from the skin.

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OldGoa body oil English rose

OldGoa body oil English rose
English rose

Infused with pure English rose which helps to stimulate collagen, reduce the appearance of pores, and combat skin issues. The oil is ideal to use as a daily moisturizer to enjoy an unmatched and highly sensorial experience of an intensely revitalizing body oil that melts effortlessly into the skin and leaves the skin soft, smooth, and young.

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OldGoa body oil French lavender

OldGoa body oil French lavender
French lavender

Infused with calming and soothing pure French lavender which naturally prevents and heals acne. It also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, and fine lines. The vitamins present in the oil deeply hydrate, moisturize, nourish, and soften the skin.

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