Fight Common Cold and other monsoon diseases with the Virgin Coconut Oil
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Virgin Coconut Oil

The arrival of the monsoon season brings a pleasant atmosphere and greenery around. The relaxed environment also brings a wave of various diseases and infections which can be dangerous threats to you and your family. The most common diseases in monsoon are transmitted through water, air, mosquitoes, and contaminated food. It is always said that “preventions are better than cures” Therefore, implementing a healthy lifestyle by improving hygiene and taking the right steps to prevent getting prone to these diseases is necessary for this monsoon season. Use Virgin coconut oil for cold and other monsoon diseases.

Virgin Coconut Oil for Cold
Virgin Coconut Oil and oil Pulling to fight the Common Cold and Other Monsoon Diseases

This season is also called the season of flu and especially children and older people are more vulnerable to such monsoon infections due to developing or weak immune systems. You need to take the necessary precautions and not be at risk of this monsoon disease. Below are some tips to prevent the common cold, flu, and other monsoon diseases. Do follow them to be on the safer side in this monsoon season.

1. Avoid unhealthy food and intake of healthy food

Monsoon is the season to crave hot and fried foods like pakodas, fries, and, a lot more, but one must know that fried food using unhealthy oil should be strictly avoided during the rainy season as it can cause many health-related problems. If you crave this kind of food then try to take a shift from unhealthy oil to virgin coconut oil in your cooking to balance your diet to be fit and healthy. Also, try to avoid street food as there are high chances of getting infected with water-borne diseases. It is the best step to incorporate healthy food like soup, green veggies, fruits, and organic virgin coconut oil which are good for your health as they can help you boost your immune system and prevent you from falling sick in this rainy season.

2. Regularly take 1 spoon of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil has numerous health benefits. If taken regularly it can help you maintain your good health and immunity. Virgin coconut oil has 2 anti-viral ingredients – Lauric acid and caprylic acid which are effective in fighting against the virus. MCTs present in Virgin Coconut Oil help to clean the toxins from the liver and boost immunity to fight against the virus. Virgin coconut oil can be added to your morning coffee, frying fish, and salad dressing for a healthy life. It is one of the best oils to fight the common cold if taken regularly.

3. Do oil pulling regularly

There are thousands of bacteria living in your mouth. If not taken care of at the right time then this bacteria can host a lot of problems for your health. Here oil pulling plays a major role in helping to get rid of this unwanted bacteria. Doing oil pulling regularly, helps to break down the toxins and bacteria found in the mouth. The diseases that are spread due to these bacteria stand no chance to go further as the oil dissolves it before it creates any health problems. So doing oil pulling regularly and at the right time can keep you healthy and there is no chance of a cold, cough, sore throat, or stuffy nose.

4. Apply virgin coconut oil to the skin

Like every year, in monsoon mosquitoes-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya are on the rise. Transmitted through the mosquito’s bite. To prevent the spread of these diseases you have to take the necessary steps to be on the safer side. Try applying virgin coconut oil to your skin while going out as the fatty acids derived from coconut oil have long-lasting insect-repelling properties against mosquitoes, flies, and bed bugs. This oil can help you from being infected with all monsoon diseases. Apply it twice a day for better results.

5. Sleep well

Less periods of sleep can eventually affect the body’s immune system and will decrease the ability of your body to fight against diseases. Our immune system helps us to protect ourselves from colds, coughs, and flu. When our immune system gets weak, there is less chance it will fight back against the disease and the disease can attack the body. Make sure to sleep at least for 7-8 hours to keep your immune strong and stay away from getting infected. Be strong to overcome this monsoon season diseases.