Which is the Best product for Oil Pulling?
oil pulling products

Old Goa is 100% organic and vegan product. Made from fresh coconuts which are cold pressed and processed superior centrifuge extraction zero chemicals or fillers. Old Goa is widely search product in teeth whitening oil pulling products.

OldGoa Oil pulling products are the best. Available in three amazing variants, the Virgin Coconut Oil is Infused with Spearmint and Activated Charcoal. OLDGOA has launched its Oil Pulling product in Abu Dhabi UAE in 2019 which was awarded as best innovative product of the year by SIAL Paris Company. OLDGOA is also awarded Best Brand 2019 by the Economic Times (The Leading Business Newspaper in India) at New Delhi.

Uses – for freshen breath, teeth whitening, nourishes gums, strengthens teeth and remove plaque.


What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is a daily morning ritual by correct Viscosity of Oil to be swirled and swished in the mouth for 8-10 minutes; similar to mouthwash.

How does oil pulling work?

Yes, Oil pulling is a 5,000 years old natural dental care practice for healthy mouth, overall health and oral detox. It works like a magnate. Right oil attracts all bacteria and germs towards it, which can be thrown after swishing of oil.

What is Oil Pulling in Ayurveda??

Ayurvedic principles suggest the mouth-body connection, that there cannot be general health without oral health. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice called ‘Kavala’ or ‘Gandush’ mentioned in the ayurvedic text Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita. The basic principle is to remove toxins from the body through the oral cavity and saliva by swishing & spitting out oil.

What is the life span of teeth ?

Teeth are the internal part of the body and after getting permanent teeth it has the same life span of the human life like our fingers but due to negligence of oral care and using chemical oriented products teeth are losing its life faster.

What is the best time for oil pulling?

The best time for oil pulling is :
1. first thing in the morning (The Early Morning ritual )
2. last thing at night before brushing.

Do I need to brush after oil pulling?

Yes. After oil pulling rinse mouth well with warm water and brush as normal.

How much quantity of oil is required for oil pulling ?

One tablespoon or 10 ml.

For how long do I need to oil pull?

You can oil pull from 2 mins to 20 mins as Old Goa Oil Pulling regime. We recommend 2 mins Oil Pull for quick cleanse, 3 to 5 minutes oil pull for fantastic cleanse, 6- 10 mins for deep cleanse, 15-20 mins for ultimate detox (Gundusha Ayurvedic philosophy).

After how much time of oil pulling I can eat or drink ?

Immediately after oil pulling and brushing, you can do your regular chores.

How many times in a day I need to oil pull?

Once in a day you  can practice oil pulling. Either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Remember to rinse mouth well after oil pulling with warm water and brush as normal.

What is the right way of oil pulling?

1 – Upon waking up take  a tablespoon (10-12 ml) of oil in your mouth
2 – Swirl and swish oil for 8-10 mins. Do not gargle or swallow.  
3 – Spit the swished oil into dustbin
4 – Rinse mouth well with warm water and brush teeth. 10 ml Use the measuring spoon inside pack for optimum dosage. Swish & Swirl around the mouth for 2-3 minutes. Spit out and rinse with water. Continue with your regular Oral Care regime

How to use if Oil becomes solid?

Old Goa Oil pulling is the most natural oil and tends to solidify below 20 degrees Celsius. There is no difference in nutrients and quality in liquid or solid form of oil.  After keeping solid form of oil in your mouth it immediately melts and you can do oil pulling as usual.

Which is the best Oil Pulling for bad breath ?

For bad breath problems choose Old Goa Oil Pulling spearmint.

Which is the best Oil Pulling for gums?

For gum related issues choose Old Goa Oil Pulling Clove.

Which is the best Oil Pulling for plaque removal and teeth whitening?

For plaque removal and teeth whitening choose Old Goa Oil Pulling Activated Charcoal.

Who can do oil pulling?

Oil Pulling is highly recommended for models, movie and Tv artists, wine drinkers, tea and coffee drinkers, tobacco users, smokers, Ayurveda and yoga lovers and fitness enthusiasts.

Is Oil Pulling Safe for kids?

Yes, Oil Pulling is very safe for kids above 5 years. We recommend to supervise your child below 12 years while practicing oil pulling.

At what age can one do oil pulling?

Yes, Oil Pulling is very safe for kids for above 5 years. We recommend to supervise your child below 12 years while practicing oil pulling.

Can I oil pull with braces?

Yes, old Goa oil pulling is a boon for brace wearers as it gives deep cleaning which is not possible by brushing and floss.

Can oil pulling straighten teeth?

Yes, Old Goa Oil Pulling helps in straighten the teeth.

Is Oil Pulling good for health?

OLDGOA Oil pulling products is complete dental care and oral detox it helps to freshen breath, whitens teeth, nourishes gums, remove plaque and strengthens teeth. Oil pulling is working like a magnet and regular use of it reduces harmful bacteria in your mouth. Thereby reducing inflammation and improving gum health. It also reduces plaque and gingivitis while whitening your teeth. Clove helps in Gum issues, spearmint for freshen breath and coconut activated charcoal for whitening teeth. Also Helps during Soar throat and Dry Cough and control the virus in spreading to Lungs.

Does oil pulling detox the body?

Yes, the regular use of Old Goa Oil Pulling products helps in detoxifying and purifying the body.

Can I do oil pulling if I have teeth filling?

One can very well do oil pulling even after teeth filling but If teeth filling is done by metal like silver or Gold Oil Pulling is not recommended as it may react with metal.

Does Oil Pulling help in reducing stress and fatigue?

Oil Pulling gives relief to mind and helps in managing stress and fatigue of daily life.

Is oil pulling recommended by dentists?

Oil pulling is very much recommended by dentist in USA and Europe.

Which is the best oil pulling recipe?

Old Goa Oil pulling Formula is based on the American research with organic virgin coconut Oil of correct viscosity for mouth and teeth and it is further infused with pure essential oils.

For oil pulling which oil is best?

Old Goa oil pulling is organic and natural and is best for oil pulling.

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